Hope 4 Autism 

When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope. Psalm 94:18 (NLT)


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Welcome to Hope 4 Autism! 

"Hope is something that all parents of children with autism are desperately seeking as they see a life that they had planned for their child changing drastically in front of their eyes. The loss of hope that is associated with families of children with autism can be devastating. It is often the response of professionals who have been unable to find meaningful success for children with autism in their own careers to try to ease parents away from having hope. This is meant to prepare the parent for what the professional sees to be the family’s new 'reality.'  However, the truth is, a parent either has hope for a better life for his child or he is hopeless to provide his child with a better life. It is my belief that encouraging families to give up on their hope for a better life for their kids should be considered the real problem. Nobody knows what is or is not possible in the education of any child. We only know what we have learned and what we have seen. To say that a child cannot learn just because the individual saying it does not know how to teach that child is just plain wrong." (Robert Schramm, retrieved October 23, 2012 from http://www.autismusaba.de/cms/en/aba-infos/general-infos/dispellingthemyths.html)

Hope 4 Autism's Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide applied behavior analysis services to young children and families with autism, pervasive developmental disorders, severe emotional disturbance, and other developmental disabilities. We serve children in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas.  The central office is located in Alma, Arkansas on Highway 71.

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